Because each pet is different, and each dog’s needs are different, we offer a variety of services that you can pick out ‘a la carte’ to create a grooming package tailored to you and your dog’s specific requirements. Not every dog needs de-matting, just like not every dog needs a flea bath. We help you to get just what your dog needs, and you don’t have to pay for services that won’t be performed.

We also schedule grooming so that your dog is the only one here. This prevents conflicts with other dogs and allows us to provide very quick service. We provide quick grooming and even give you a coupon to use at the nail salon in Tomball down the street.

Basic Service

Every service begins with a gentle bath, playful blow dry and ears cleaned. Beyond that you may add on additional services necessary. For the bath, we use a gentle shampoo that smells nice, is good for the dog’s coat, and deters ticks and fleas. We’re careful with your pet’s eyes, ears and nose, and the gentle shampoo doesn’t sting the eyes. Once the shampoo is completed, the fun begins. Many dogs love to play with the hair dryer. Our dryers are intentionally quiet, so as not to scare your pets. We encourage your pet to be comfortable with the hair dryer. We constantly touch and hold your pet’s paws to acclimate them to being held. This helps to ease into the nail trimming process, whether now or during future visits. The same applies to the ears. We constantly are touching, holding and playing with your dog’s ears to get them comfortable with the idea of ear cleaning. We encourage our clients to hold their pet’s ears and paws on occasion to keep them comfortable with this process.


Some dogs will require this process, particularly small furry dogs like Shih-Tzu’s . Their extremely fine hair picks up every little leaf, piece of grass or other particulate’s and matts around them easily. If you don’t comb this kind of dog nearly every day, you’ll find their coats matting quite often. Our groomers will de-matt your pooch as necessary.


Some dogs, German Shepherds for instance, have a thick undercoat that may shed heavily. Cleaning up after a dog that sheds heavily can be a real chore requiring vacuuming floors and upholstery every day just to prevent a noticeable buildup of pet dander. It’s not a shortening of your dog’s coat, but a thinning out process, so your dog can still have a breed-specific haircut – just with less shedding!

Our groomers can execute a de-shedding process to remove much of the loose undercoat and thin out the remaining coat. You’ll see a noticeable difference in the amount of shedding for as long as 6 weeks.

Nail Trimming

Keeping your dog’s nails trimmed is very important, particularly if he/she is very active and plays outside often. Rocks, dirt and even other dogs can damage your dog’s nails if they get too long. Often, a nail that is too sharp and long will split in half and can cause serious bleeding. Don’t let this happen to your dog, as it is quite painful and can take several days to grow out enough to remedy the cracked nail. Be sure to bring your dog to us for accurate, painless nail trimming.

Anal Gland Expression

Yes, it sounds really gross, but sometimes it’s a necessary process. We care about your dog just like you do, so we want him/her to be happy and healthy. Sometimes it’s necessary to express the anal glands.

But what exactly is this process, and why would you want to do it? The anal glands are two small sacs near the anus that under normal operation will expel a small amount of discharge each time your dog poops. The discharge is a sticky foul smelling secretion.

If the glands’ outlet duct becomes clogged, the glands may not empty out properly. This is uncomfortable for your dog, and may lead to infection if not addressed. If you notice your dog dragging his butt across the floor often, or licking the area around the anal glands, or even a reluctance to poop, then your dog may need to have its anal glands expressed.


It’s no surprise that a leading problem for dogs is diseases of the gums and mouth. Dog owners typically don’t brush their furry friends’ teeth often enough, and your dog won’t do it by herself. As a result, periodontal disease is quite common. Put an end to that trend by having your pet’s teeth brushed when you bring them in for a session! Ask us for tips on how to brush your dog’s teeth at home between visits to our salon.

Grooming for dogs in the Tomball area